Igniting Your Purpose & Passion

Your Roadmap for

Fulfillment and Abundance


1/2 Day intensive workshop



  • Do you remember who you were before life told you who to be?

  • Have your life circumstances kept you from living your dreams?

  • Are you trying to figure out how to find your way back?



Are you ready?

Are you feeling the urgency?

Are you ready to create the happiness and contentment  that you truly desire?















In this 1/2 Day intensive workshop

You will learn how:


  • To discover  your PURPOSE, take back control of your life, and move into the life you desire.

  • To find your PASSION and release the old patterns that are keeping you stuck.

  •   To Unleash your Desires, Potential and Goals






Passion Purpose Prosperity

“When we discover our true purpose,
and are doing what we love and are passionate about,
we not only enrich our life, but out bottom line, too!”


— Christine Catoggio


Create a road map to move toward the life
that you truly want and deserve!