New Year -- clean slate -- new beginnings?

Are you anxiously anticipating the New Year? New Year -- clean slate -- new beginnings? For many of us, this has been a challenging year. Lots of turmoil, major changes, and painful events. As we approach the New Year, there is always that hope that things will be better with the dawn of a new day. Truth be told, any day is that day! Every day we have the opportunity to be hopeful, to believe that things will turn around, and everything will be better than the day before. Every day is a new sunrise, and one day closer to resolve. Even though we may not know what that is, we know that whatever we are dealing with, will come to pass. Finding peace helps get through those days. But, to find peace, we must take control of our thoughts instead of them controlling us. *Meditation is one of the best ways to quiet the mind, and allow us to hear the answers that we need. *Surrender to what is out of our control. Our timing is not God's timing. When we allow Him to take over the helm, and stay in faith, our journey becomes less stressful. *Stay present -- When we continue to ponder on the what-ifs, we worry about what may never happen. Stay focused on the here and now, and one day at a time. Where you are is where you are meant to be! Tomorrow is a New Day! 2018 is a New Year! Both ripe with opportunities for change and new beginnings. Stay focused on the Vision that you have for your life, and the Universe will respond. Need some help creating that Vision? Message me and ask me about my Vision 2018 Program!

Message me and ask me about my Vision 2018 Program!

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