Christine Catoggio


Meet Christine Catoggio


I’m Christine Catoggio.  I’m a Life Transition Strategist, Midlife Redesign Mentor, Speaker and Author. I help men and women rise above the challenges life throws at them and guide them into lives they truly love and desire.


My passion is inspiring men and  women throughout all stages of their lives to not just survive – but to truly thrive through their own personal transitions.


Founder of the R.I.S.E. Movement, a global movement  to educate, inspire and empower men and women to Reclaim their Inner Soul Energy, so they can create a life of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity! 



How Did I Get Here? 

I learned at a young age to strive for perfection.  100% on an exam was greeted with, “Why not 105?”


It was playful, and somewhat congratulatory. But it set a standard for myself that was difficult to sustain. I created this expectation for myself, of always being the perfect little girl that everyone wanted and expected me to be.


I always followed the rules and never allowed myself to color outside the lines, because I knew that was not allowed and totally unacceptable. 


Then, at almost 50 years old, life as I knew it began to crumble. And along with it, my yen for perfection.


Confused, bewildered, and totally broken by a painful divorce, I didn’t recognize this life of mine. It was not the life I had intended for myself. Everything was different. Nothing was the same.  Everything had changed.  The only constant, my A-HA, was CHANGE!




"At first I fought the changes.

Resisting anything that didn’t seem to fit the world 'according to Christine…'

It wasn’t until I started to release the resistance, work on myself and

learn to embrace and understand the changes, that my life started to move forward."

– Christine Catoggio



I began to notice the path that I had ignored.  I remember acknowledging the pain, but becoming more determined than ever, to fight through it.


I began to intertwine remnants of my former self with new discoveries and new perspectives. I allowed myself to release the old, and suddenly, unexpectedly, a beautiful mosaic started to unfold right before my eyes.


I found new interests and new passions, and a new perspective on the road that I was facing. And, the more I focused on the new possibilities, new opportunities started to present themselves.


I found that the more accepting I became of my new path, the more determined I became to survive, thrive and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.


Determination and confidence are the result of painstakingly having met the challenges that life presents and surviving. And surviving with heart, soul and dignity intact—that’s thriving!




am not afraid of getting lost because I know that I will always find my way back.

  And I am not afraid of being alone, for that is when I find out who I truly am…”

—Christine Catoggio




Change is empowering. Facing fears and coming out the other side is not only Bold—it is Beautiful! It teaches us things about ourselves we never knew.  I learned qualities and strengths that I never knew existed. It offers the opportunity for new choices and new beginnings.


My life’s goal now is to empower men and women to achieve a life of purpose and fulfillment just as I’ve been able to do. I’ve developed coaching programs to help you overcome life’s challenges, so you can transform into the best version of YOU and create the life you truly want.  


A little more about me:
  • I’m a native New Yorker, who left the cold for sunny South Florida.


  • I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from

Barry University.


  • I’m a member of Women Speakers Association, President Soroptimist International of Greater

Fort Lauderdale, Secretary of the Board of Scleroderma South Florida, Advisory Board Member of

Encore Palm Beach County.


  • Member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, Member of IMPACT

International Membership of Professional Advisers, Coaches, and Trainers.


  • I’m a contributing author to the international best sellers, “Bold is Beautiful” and

“Bold is Beautiful – Breakthrough to Business Strategies.”






Christine Catoggio is an amazing speaker and coach. It is clear that she is extremely knowledgeable and really knows her stuff. Whether you are in her audience or being coached by her, you can feel that she puts her heart and soul into what she does. Anyone that has the opportunity to learn from her will be incredibly blessed.

Amonda Rose Igoe 


I was definitely meant to be here tonight for so many reasons… But most importantly I want to thank you Christine Rainero Catoggio for sharing from your heart and helping me to see why I am on the path I am on, why I absolutely love my life and why I do what I do. I highly recommend attending one of her workshops if you haven’t already.

Marla Goldberg Nemanic, 
Boca Raton, Florida



“I have been undergoing transition in my personal life as well as professional life over the past couple of years. Chris has been a major guiding force in helping me get through these transitions. From her “Shift” workshop to “Position for Transition” seminar she has demonstrated having the necessary skills to calm that ever-present OVERWHELM we all face in our lives. Thank you Chris for being that ever-present constant voice of reason that shows the way!!”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida



“Thank you for your thoughtful care and compassion helping me get through a difficult transition. Your humor and commitment, instincts and knowledge are a Godsend to me! Thank you so much.”

Key West, Florida



Was glad to be able to attend for an hour between clients at Chris’ Transition Workshop to walk the Labyrinth in the beautiful nature environment Duncan Center. Thank you Christine for a wonderful experience!!!


Carla Van Walsum
Boca Raton, Florida



Christine’s Outstanding Transformational Workshop 

Love Christine Rainero Catoggio! Her energy and wisdom are wonderful to be around and learn from.
What a great workshop. And what a gift she has!

Cassi Eubank
Boca Raton, Florida




“Chris is a dedicated and committed professional. Very oriented to customer benefits & service”

– B. Mertz,
Sanibel, Florida



“Chris is a professional with a heart. It cannot be better than this”

– Jackie Keeley



“Chris’s competence and professionalism has been invaluable. Thank you, Chris, from all of us. You are doing a fantastic job!”

–M.L. McCardell,
Chicago, Illinois



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christine “Chris” Catoggio for more than 10 years in the Boca Raton, Sunset Rotary Club. This is a service club whose objective is “Service Above Self,” and Chris exemplifies our organization’s motto. Her ability to lead by example is exemplary!”

Steven Laine, Past District Governer,
Rotary International




For more information or to book Christine to speak at your organization 
Call: 561-929-1195