Women Ready to R.I.S.E.


to inspire and empower women to live their best lives and

honor the soulful desires of their hearts.



How many times have you let go of a life-long dream?


Is there something tugging at your heart, begging to be acknowledged?


How much of yourself have you left behind or forgotten because life circumstances got in the way?



It's time to R.I.S.E.



Reclaim your Inner Soul Energy and rediscover the part of yourself that has been waiting, patiently, to re-emerge and shine like a beacon on the new path before you.


Each element of the program is designed to lead you through TRANSITION to TRANSFORMATION as you rebuild your confidence and self-esteem.

I will help you shine your inner light, get clarity and direction, and find your way back to recognizing your essential essences, and learn how to allow them to naturally flow, so they can replenish and nourish you every day!

You will be surprised by the vast hidden reserves that your Soul has been waiting for you to uncover, and the inner strength  and beauty waiting to be acknowleged.
















When You Decide to



You Will:


  • Experience a deep cleansing and release of old beliefs, expectations, and misconceptions that others may have forced upon you or you still presume are true.

  • Realize there are so many wonderful things you already know about yourself, but may have forgotten.

  • Define exactly what your core essences are and tap into their healing energies.

  • See a shift in your own perceptions of what life was and how it can be — starting today!

  • Embrace what you truly loved to do because it is so much FUN to do.

  • Discover your true nature is eager and thrilled to lead you onto new adventures.

  • Create the life you desire — personally and professionally — as you learn to secure your financial future


  • And so much more …


Christine Catoggio
  • Reawaken your lost dreams & aspirations

  • Remember the things that you loved to do


  • Boldly leap forward into the new YOU, and


  • Be the woman that you deserve to be.

The Vision MAP

The Ultimate Life by Design Blueprint to Creating the Life That You Desire.


              Do you feel there’s more to life than how you’re currently living?

             Are you watching other people follow their passion and feel bad because it isn’t happening for you?

            Do you feel life is passing you by due to not knowing what actions steps to take?


           Feeling like age is getting in the way, or a lack of knowledge in your desired passion? 


          Are you yearning to find your purpose and passion so you can leave a legacy and make a difference still on this earth? 

Maybe you’re going through a difficult life transition, such as dealing with divorce or facing an empty nest and need clarity and direction to move forward;

Or maybe you simply need more happiness in your life. 


90 Day Program includes:


  • (1) 90 minute GPS Call. (Initial phone consult to set your GPS in the direction of your dreams)

  • (10) 45 minute weekly Skype or Zoom calls following the 10 step Vision Map Modules for creating your blueprint. (Recorded for ongoing access & reference).

  • (1) 90 minute final session.

  • Downloadable exercises and workshops for each module.

  • Weekly Ongoing email support throughout the program.

  • Private Facebook group to mastermind with other Vision Mappers.



In The Vision Map You will:


  • Uncover and reawaken lost dreams and ambitions that guide your direction.

  • Identify and release the limiters that are keeping you from moving forward.

  • Tools and techniques to heal the heart and soul from what has held you back in the past.

  • How to clarify your vision, so you have an attainable direction.

  • How to align your purpose and path to accomplish your vision. 

  • Get clear on how your purpose guides your vision for your life;

  • Identify ways to align your purpose and passion with your life and career;

  • Create a M.A.P. -- Master Action Plan -- the blueprint toward the life that you desire